Australia - 457 visa changes as of 1 July 2008. (19-06-2008)

Australia - 457 visa changes.


Processing times.


As of 1 July 2008, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has confirmed that there will be quicker processing times for 457 visa applications that are ready to be decided. 


This means that for applications where all documents are attached and medical and x-ray examinations have been cleared, a processing time of 48 hours has been guaranteed.


To enable our clients to access this turnaround time, we will be changing our work processes.  Under certain circumstances the 48 hours turnaround will not be possible and should this occur, we will discuss this with you.


Processing offices for 457 visa applications.  


As of 1 July, there will be only 3 offices in Australia that will be processing 457 visa applications and these will be Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.  Your 457 visa applications will be managed by the relevant office located nearest to where your Head Office is located, as noted below:-


·                    Sydney will process applications from ACT, New South Wales and Queensland

·                    Melbourne will process applications from Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria

·                    Perth will process applications from Western Australia


Provision for rejection of 457 visa applications.


With the quicker turnaround time, DIAC are invoking a 28 days period for receipt of additional documents.  If after the 28 days the relevant documents have not been received, the application will be rejected.  Under certain circumstances this provision could have enormous consequences for certain applicants, especially if they are on a bridging visa at the time of rejection which would mean, in most circumstances that they would have to depart Australia and reapply.




19 June 2008.